Volunteer Registration

Radha Madhav Society
Yugal Kunj

2769 Duluth Highway, Duluth, GA 30096; www.yugalkunj.org ; www.radhamadhavsociety.org
info@yugalkunj.org; Phone 678 920 6669

Volunteer Waiver and Release and Indemnity

Volunteer Activities – Please mark area(s) of interest

Radha Madhav Society (RMS) is grateful to Volunteer for offering his/her time and talent in furtherance of RMS’ vision.

Every Volunteer is requested to follow the Rules and Regulations attached as Exhibit A and our Code of Conduct specified below.

I further understand and agree to the following:

1. I am donating my time services and shall at no time be considered an employee or contractor of the Radha Madhav Society.
2. Volunteers are not official representatives of RMS and cannot act on behalf, unless given specific written instructions by the Board of Directors of RMS
3. Volunteers are encouraged to help each other and work together to create environment of selflessness, humility and harmony on the premises of Yugal Kunj
4. Volunteers should not engage themselves in any activity/solicitation/campaign of any nature for personal gain on the premises of Yugal Kunj or utilize information and contacts obtained at RMS for such purposes
5. Volunteering is an honorable act, and volunteers are kindly requested to refrain from escalating any disagreements. Volunteers are encouraged to bring any issues or disputes to the Board for clarification and/or resolution.
6. RMS may revoke volunteer privileges of individuals at any time, without providing any notice or reason.
7. Any incident or behavior which does not conform to the Rules and Regulation or  Code of Conduct of RMS should be brought to the notice of the RMS Board in writing. The Board will try its best to treat all such matters in a confidential manner.

Decisions of the Board are final.

Health and Medical Waiver:

I affirm that I am physically fit and able to participate in the volunteer activities assigned to me. I assume all risk of personal injury, sickness and expenses incurred as a result of any accident while volunteering for Radha Madhav Society (RMS). I release RMS, its directors, officers, agents and volunteers from any liability related to any personal injury suffered by me while volunteering for RMS. I further agree to accept any decisions or actions made by other RMS volunteers in seeking medical care for me in an emergency situation, and agree to pay all the costs and fees for the medical care or treatment provided to me.

Photographic Release:

Radha Madhav Society (RMS) may take videos, photographs or testimonials of volunteers and use the same on their websites, in advertisements, or to communicate about the activities at the center. I grant and convey to RMS all rights, title, and interests in any and all photographs, images, video, testimonials, audio in connection with my providing volunteer services for RMS.

Waiver of Liability, Release and Indemnification:

I waive and release Radha Madhav Society (RMS), its officers, agents, representatives, employees, and volunteers (collectively the “Releases”) from any and all liability, claims, causes of action and or suits arising out of or in connection with to any injuries, illness, damage or death sustained by myself while a volunteer or while using any of the facilities located at 2769 Duluth Highway, Duluth, GA 30096. I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Radha Madhav Society (RMS), its officers, agents, representatives, employees, and volunteers with respect to any claim asserted as a result of property damage, personal injury, illness, damage or death, which indemnification and hold harmless includes any and all attorney's fees and costs.