Understand the Intellect

Mind and intellect are the same. When thinking and desiring, it is called the mind. When taking decisions, it is called the intellect. If the mind is the steering wheel, the intellect is the driver of the car which controls the direction and speed of the mind.

The intellect is afflicted by five debilitating vices: Love, hatred, fear of death, ignorance and pride. When it decides that it can derive happiness from something or someone, our intellect instructs the mind to become attached to that object or individual with feelings of love and affection. When it believes that a person or a thing will cause damage, the intellect orders the mind to have feelings of animosity.

Third affliction of the mind is fear of death. Because of this fear, the intellect does not function properly, and therefore, the mind is deeply troubled at the core.

The main ignorance of the intellect is the firm belief that ‘I am the physical body.’ Due to this root ignorance, we make many errors of judgment in life and take many wrong turns.

Despite all these faults, we suffer from pride, which is the final affliction. We suffer from many kinds of false pride stemming from temporary gifts such as youth, beauty, wealth, scholastic learning and intelligence.

By understanding the five afflictions of the intellect and by accepting that we suffer from them, we put ourselves in a good position to start finding a remedy for them.

Didi Ji