Raise the Alarm

You may be using a daily alarm to help you remember when to take your medication. An alarm reminds you to take cookies out of the oven, call your mother, or to go to your daughter’s school to volunteer. There are many ways in which alarms help us live a more organized life.

For me, the best use of the alarm is as a reminder of God. Try it if you are not already doing so. Set up the alarm on your phone, another gadget or on your alarm clock. Set it on an hourly basis, and associate the sounding of the alarm with God. Each time the alarm rings, visualize God in the way you find comfortable. It’s very important to visualize Him. Bow before Him in your mind, and then get back to work. Next time when the alarm sounds, visualize God and thank Him from your heart. Then get back to work. An hour later, the alarm will sound once again. This time, tell Him how happy you are to belong to Him. Then get back to work.

After a few days or weeks of this practice, set your alarm to sound every 45 minutes. Your mind will now be reminded more frequently to think about the Divine Beloved. You will happily notice that now the mind is automatically thinking of God every so often even without the alarm. Your mind is forming a habit, and this is a most gratifying feeling.

Practice diligently and you will find over time that there is no need to set the alarm, as your mind has become accustomed to thinking of God throughout the day.

Didi Ji